Commercial Sewer Rates

Billing Rates

Billing rates are subject to the guidelines set forth in West Central Conservancy District Resolution No. 02-02, passed on February 19, 2002. This document is available for public review in the Document Center.

Commercial Users: Customers who utilize WCCD services for business/public use.

Commercial Billing Rates

Metered Non-Residential Users


Users are billed based on a Flow Charge of $2.21 per hundred cubic feet of flow.  Meters are read in accordance with the operating practices of Indianapolis Water Company or the meter reading practices of the District as the case may be.

Metered Non Resident Minimum Billing Cycle Charge


5/8" Water Meter



1" Water Meter



1.5" Water Meter



2" Water Meter



3" Water Meter



4" Water Meter



6" Water Meter



8" Water Meter


Unmetered Non-Residential Users

Minimum Billing Cycle Charge shall be determined by the size of the water service pipe servicing the structure. The Flow Charge shall be determined by the usage based upon the latest standards contained in the latest Indiana Board of Health Publication or 327IAC 3- 6- 11 times Flow Rate of $2.21 per hundred cubic feet.


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