Manhole Vacuum Testing

All new manholes must be air tested in accordance with ASTM C1244-93, Standard Test Method for Concrete Sewer Manholes by the Negative Air Pressure (Vacuum) Test.  The DEVELOPER (OR CONTRACTOR) is responsible for all equipment required for the proper testing of the manholes.  "This test method is intended to be used as a preliminary test to enable the installer to demonstrate the condition of the concrete manholes prior to backfill.  It may also be used to test manholes after backfilling ....".  (ASTM C1244-93 1.1.2)


Testing for District purposes will be performed at the time of the air and mandrel testing.  The test head shall be placed at the top of the manhole.  A vacuum of ten inches (10") of mercury shall be drawn on the manhole, the valve on the vacuum line of the test head closed and the pump shut off.  The time measured for the vacuum to drop to nine inches (9") of mercury.  The manhole shall pass if the time for the vacuum reading to drop from 10" to 9" of mercury meets or exceeds the values indicated in C1244-93 Table 1.  The DEVELOPER (OR CONTRACTOR) is responsible for any repairs needed and the manhole shall continue to be retested until a satisfactory test is obtained.


The DEVELOPER (OR CONTRACTOR) shall provide the District a minimum forty-eight (48) hours of notice prior to the proposed testing date to allow for scheduling of personnel.  District Inspectors may be contacted at the District Plant, 243 South County Road 625 East, Avon, IN or (317) 272-3944.  The District shall make every effort to work with the proposed schedule, but reserves the right to postpone testing for a maximum period of one (1) week in the event of scheduling conflicts.

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