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Costly, Harmful and Illegal Dumping

There are hundreds of manholes over the sanitary sewer lines running throughout the West Central Conservancy District’s 25,000-acre area, and illegal dumping of materials into those manholes can be a huge problem for the Dis...

WCCD Recognized for Excellence

For the second year in a row, West Central Conservancy District has been recognized for outstanding plant performance from Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc.

Rates and Service

The West Central Conservancy District has not raised rates in nearly 10 years, and it does not plan to raise rates any time soon.

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What not to flush down the drain!

Many household products are potentially hazardous to people and the environment and should never be flushed down drains, toilets or storm sewers.

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Benchmarking Our Performance

West Central Conservancy District is firmly committed to performing our job of collecting, purifying and restoring wastewater at the highest possible level, and we're proud that we have been able to do that since 2002 without a r...

Krohn Report is Positive for WCCD

The financial condition of the West Central Conservancy District is strong and customer rates remain adequate.

Impact on the Community

The availability of purified water has a positive daily impact on our community in ways many of us never consider.

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