Rates and Service

While maintaining a high level of service in collecting, purifying and restoring your wastewater, West Central Conservancy District has not raised monthly rates in over 12 years, and does not anticipate the need to raise rates in the near future.

Our revenue is provided by user rates and charges. As a special taxing district, we have not exercised our option to tax.

Rate ComparisonThe West Central Conservancy District has an outstanding record of customer service.

We receive negligible complaints about billing and service. Service calls are followed up with a call from management.

The District's wastewater treatment plant utilizes top-of-the-line technology, which keeps costs down and effectiveness high.

Our Operation and Collection System personnel are certified, well-trained and attend the latest training seminars.

The District utilizes cost-effective, environmentally safe and healthful methods of wastewater treatment.

Water purified by the District is actually cleaner than the creek water it is restored to. Fish/water habitat flourishes and the environmental/natural health of the watercourse is enhanced by the operation, producing a healthy environment for all creatures.

Questions should be directed to
the District Manager, at 243 South County Road 625 E, Avon, Indiana,
call (317) 272-2980.

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