The West Central Conservancy District, a political subdivision of the State of Indiana, was created as a special taxing district in 1992 for the specific purpose of providing for the collection, treatment and disposal of sewage and other liquid wastes pursuant to Indiana Statute, IC 14-33.

The District currently encompasses approximately 25,000 acres predominately within Washington Township, but also includes portions of Center, Lincoln and Middle Townships of Hendricks County, Indiana. The majority of the District is bounded on the west by County Road 300 E, on the north by County Road 300 N, on the east by County Road 800 E (Dan Jones Road) and on the south by County Road 300 S. There are areas of service outside of these generalized boundaries. The Town of Avon is predominately served by the West Central Conservancy District, however, those areas east of County Road 900 E are served by Aqua Indiana. A map of the District is available for view here.

The West Central Conservancy District currently provides sewer service to over 12,000 customers and collects, treats and disposes of approximately 3.5 million gallons of wastewater daily utilizing the most cost effective, environmentally safe and healthful methods available.

The District's revenue is provided by user's rates and charges which include but are not limited to user fees, wasteload allocation fees and investment income. The District presently does not receive any tax revenue. A copy of the District's most recent Rate Resolution is available on this website.

The District is constantly planning to ensure available capacity for safe and healthy processing and disposal of wastewater to an area that is experiencing exceptional growth.

The West Central Conservancy District addresses a variety of water use issues for its residents. The WCCD is responsible for providing the following services to the constituents it serves:

  • Sewage collection and treatment
  • Coordinating community water-resource goals